Sunday, August 23, 2009

AnoTher DayZ

ni ari yang ke-2 since the news
and still i couldn't belive it
sebab x tau lah knp
mcm he is still somewhere around
but the only problem is that we cant see hear or find
he is still around but we just can't find him
thats what i think

they say 2morrow
he will be buried
and i cant go and give him the last respect
so sorry
everybody is still mourning
but somehow i think he is called 1st
bcoz God loved him so so much kan
his personality that is
he is on his way to a place meant for him

he is still be with us all
but in different way
he'll be watching
and still care for all of us

to me life is short
even if u are not prepared
if your time come
then it will be your turn
to be called by God
to live with Him eternally

the fact that he
is with us will make it really difficult for everybody
especially his family
as I'm writing
many are still crying, sad and shock
we all have to be strong
for him and also his family
as his loyal friend...

May his soul rest peacefully
in a place where he will be blessed
with his new life

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