Friday, October 30, 2009


wah i cant sleep and dosent feel like sleeping too...
doing nothing just in the process of completing my assignment ahha....
fun at the same time tired....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

AnoTher DayZ

ni ari yang ke-2 since the news
and still i couldn't belive it
sebab x tau lah knp
mcm he is still somewhere around
but the only problem is that we cant see hear or find
he is still around but we just can't find him
thats what i think

they say 2morrow
he will be buried
and i cant go and give him the last respect
so sorry
everybody is still mourning
but somehow i think he is called 1st
bcoz God loved him so so much kan
his personality that is
he is on his way to a place meant for him

he is still be with us all
but in different way
he'll be watching
and still care for all of us

to me life is short
even if u are not prepared
if your time come
then it will be your turn
to be called by God
to live with Him eternally

the fact that he
is with us will make it really difficult for everybody
especially his family
as I'm writing
many are still crying, sad and shock
we all have to be strong
for him and also his family
as his loyal friend...

May his soul rest peacefully
in a place where he will be blessed
with his new life

Friday, August 21, 2009

l0sinG a fRiend

have you lost your friend before???
to a
car accident????
and u know how if feels ma???

i have this 1 friend that i know
since i was 7 years old
ok i didnt know him that much during that time
but we've been in the same class since i was 7
until in matriculation
Calvin Kabin Chong
that is the name....

so what actually happened?

i lost a friend to a car accident!!!!!!
it is on the 19 august 2009
they go out to eat...
and at 12 am they engaged in a car accident
killing 1sy 2 of them(there were 5 of them)
then the other 3 is sent to hospital
he suffered internal bleeding inside his head

i was really shock to know this
it all happened in 1 night
then i was planning to go there to visit him
but no ticket already
then at 2109pm yesterday
i received this 1 sms
" sory to tell u yuo sdah xda...dia jalan jam 2045 td "
and then once again im really terkejut
i didnt expect this one to come

he is going back to Ranau today at 1500
my friend that have the chance to him today said his face
have all these stitches
i didnt get to see him...

the last time i see him is
when we go to kl
together for university
that is the last time

for him
rest in peace

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tHe ChAnges is verY FasT

is it true that this happened???
whY is It that it happened so fast
laSt time we are facing with the 'so called' deadliest disease
bird flu
now there is a new one emerging so quickly
and so eager to wash off human being
so far many had died due to this 'monster'
its like they are making the statement
i am stronger than all of uuu
so recently a mother died after giving birth to a child
luckily the baby is okey
the main question is

is it God punishment to manknd???
is it the environmental factor that act on human population???
is it a warning sign???
whatever it is we can see how is the most intelligent creature react on it

as i was walking to the shopping mall this morning
i can see that some do care and some didn't
"it is the same lah if we are wearing it or not"
that what i heard hours ago...

so i was thinking
is it true that they didn't value themselves
or they have already given up???
hmm it very hard to tell..

and i continued walking
then i got to a place where i can see almost everybody is
then to my surprise i saw a woman was smoking...
is it just me that is too old fashion
the world changes very quickly???
i kept on asking myself the same question..
do u smoke??
bcoz i don't
how about yourself and what about the others???
do you even care??

studying here really open up my eyes
to what city life is all about
maybe there are more that i haven't finds out
but at least i know a bit 'bout it..

the changes happen really quickly??

Saturday, July 25, 2009

my CARRR??????

HMMM SO this is my first "car" i buy it with my own money
well its not completely mine lah but
i decide this brand tau nhahahahah

ok lah bye


hmm Yang kelmarin saya
ni p ambil table test ooo
hmmm tapi saya fail tau
passing marks is 42 but i only get 37
so tulah fail sayang kan hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

kesian kan sudah lah tu kakak tu marah saja
yang 1 tu is better than the other one tau.....

then i wait for my friends at BERJAYA MEGAMALL
i wait for ermm lama juga lah
so then i go and eat KFC
then they sms me
tapi they want to go to buy bus ticket lor
so suddenly i feel like want to go to church
then i go there but Father Danny was not thereso i just sat there and reflct myself b4 my friend
come and pick me up

hmmm.... i dont know but i was asking for
God guidance....

hmmm then my friend come
then we go to eat at this one chinese restaurant
hmmm the price is rm40.50 tau wah
for me it is expensive for three people tau but its ok coz the food is delicious

hmmm then we go to EC mall the place that i dont like at alll
but i like it
bcoz it hve banyak tempat yang saya suka
i got buy this one t-shirt yng saya suka lah hahahahah
that one is veery chaep tau.... huhuhuh

Thursday, July 23, 2009


hmmm tonite its the nite...
the nite for me to study really hard
to morrow got this static test tau
hmmm really scary juga
especially here not
many people that i know so ...

hmm very hard pla ni jadi
leader of the class
but i kindda enjoy it
becoz before only
got to be assistant saja
so rite now
its like more responsibility lor
and i enjoy lah hohohoh

hmm dont know what to say anymore
i havent really finish my
assignment tau so
terpaksa lah ni
burning the late night oil

and this saturday we hve
the briged siswa
and they say got this bleep tst ooo
aiyo just like the old days lah
while im still at NS,tambunan
hmmm hopefully everything will be just fine