Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tHe ChAnges is verY FasT

is it true that this happened???
whY is It that it happened so fast
laSt time we are facing with the 'so called' deadliest disease
bird flu
now there is a new one emerging so quickly
and so eager to wash off human being
so far many had died due to this 'monster'
its like they are making the statement
i am stronger than all of uuu
so recently a mother died after giving birth to a child
luckily the baby is okey
the main question is

is it God punishment to manknd???
is it the environmental factor that act on human population???
is it a warning sign???
whatever it is we can see how is the most intelligent creature react on it

as i was walking to the shopping mall this morning
i can see that some do care and some didn't
"it is the same lah if we are wearing it or not"
that what i heard hours ago...

so i was thinking
is it true that they didn't value themselves
or they have already given up???
hmm it very hard to tell..

and i continued walking
then i got to a place where i can see almost everybody is
then to my surprise i saw a woman was smoking...
is it just me that is too old fashion
the world changes very quickly???
i kept on asking myself the same question..
do u smoke??
bcoz i don't
how about yourself and what about the others???
do you even care??

studying here really open up my eyes
to what city life is all about
maybe there are more that i haven't finds out
but at least i know a bit 'bout it..

the changes happen really quickly??

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