Friday, August 21, 2009

l0sinG a fRiend

have you lost your friend before???
to a
car accident????
and u know how if feels ma???

i have this 1 friend that i know
since i was 7 years old
ok i didnt know him that much during that time
but we've been in the same class since i was 7
until in matriculation
Calvin Kabin Chong
that is the name....

so what actually happened?

i lost a friend to a car accident!!!!!!
it is on the 19 august 2009
they go out to eat...
and at 12 am they engaged in a car accident
killing 1sy 2 of them(there were 5 of them)
then the other 3 is sent to hospital
he suffered internal bleeding inside his head

i was really shock to know this
it all happened in 1 night
then i was planning to go there to visit him
but no ticket already
then at 2109pm yesterday
i received this 1 sms
" sory to tell u yuo sdah xda...dia jalan jam 2045 td "
and then once again im really terkejut
i didnt expect this one to come

he is going back to Ranau today at 1500
my friend that have the chance to him today said his face
have all these stitches
i didnt get to see him...

the last time i see him is
when we go to kl
together for university
that is the last time

for him
rest in peace

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