Saturday, July 25, 2009


hmm Yang kelmarin saya
ni p ambil table test ooo
hmmm tapi saya fail tau
passing marks is 42 but i only get 37
so tulah fail sayang kan hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

kesian kan sudah lah tu kakak tu marah saja
yang 1 tu is better than the other one tau.....

then i wait for my friends at BERJAYA MEGAMALL
i wait for ermm lama juga lah
so then i go and eat KFC
then they sms me
tapi they want to go to buy bus ticket lor
so suddenly i feel like want to go to church
then i go there but Father Danny was not thereso i just sat there and reflct myself b4 my friend
come and pick me up

hmmm.... i dont know but i was asking for
God guidance....

hmmm then my friend come
then we go to eat at this one chinese restaurant
hmmm the price is rm40.50 tau wah
for me it is expensive for three people tau but its ok coz the food is delicious

hmmm then we go to EC mall the place that i dont like at alll
but i like it
bcoz it hve banyak tempat yang saya suka
i got buy this one t-shirt yng saya suka lah hahahahah
that one is veery chaep tau.... huhuhuh

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  1. ko nie gla ka sda....
    Today is monday!!!!