Thursday, July 23, 2009


hmmm tonite its the nite...
the nite for me to study really hard
to morrow got this static test tau
hmmm really scary juga
especially here not
many people that i know so ...

hmm very hard pla ni jadi
leader of the class
but i kindda enjoy it
becoz before only
got to be assistant saja
so rite now
its like more responsibility lor
and i enjoy lah hohohoh

hmm dont know what to say anymore
i havent really finish my
assignment tau so
terpaksa lah ni
burning the late night oil

and this saturday we hve
the briged siswa
and they say got this bleep tst ooo
aiyo just like the old days lah
while im still at NS,tambunan
hmmm hopefully everything will be just fine

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